Northampton County Chapter, NSDAR

Cape Charles, Virginia

Every DAR member traces her ancestral lineage to a Patriot who provided service to our country during the American Revolutionary War from the Battle of Lexington (April 19, 1775) to the withdrawal of British troops from New York (November 26, 1783). The types of service provided include military service, civil service, and material aid to further the cause of American independence. The Daughters of Northampton County Chapter, NSDAR, are descended from the following Patriots.

Our Patriots

Last Name First Name State Rank
Alston John North Carolina Patriotic Service
Bell Robert Virginia Patriotic Service
Bowman Edward North Carolina Patriotic Service
Brickhouse George Virginia Patriotic Service
Brill John New York Private
Bryan John North Carolina Captain
Bull Custis Virginia Drummer
Cobb Elkanah Massachusetts Private
Corbett Samuel Virginia Private
Coston Francis Virginia Lieutenant
Depue James Virginia Soldier/Patriotic Service
Dunton Rickards Virginia Major
Fitchett John Virginia Private
Friend Joseph Virginia Captain
Gwatkin Charles Virginia Captain/Civil Service
Hall Jesse New York Private
Jarvis William Virginia Patriotic Service
Kettell John New York Private
Lipscomb Ambrose Virginia Captain/Patriotic Service
Mackey Joseph New Jersey Captain
Mapp John Virginia Colonel
Martin Hugh Pennsylvania Captain
Nelson Southy Virginia Civil Service
Nottingham Severn Virginia Patriotic Service
Nottingham, Jr. Thomas Virginia Lieutenant
Oliver John Massachusetts Captain
Peters William Virginia Soldier
Rust Matthew Virginia Lieutenant
Sleight Jacobus New York Staff Officer
Soule Jacob Massachusetts Private
Thomas Harrison Virginia Captain
Turner Noel South Carolina Private
Watson Samuel South Carolina Colonel/Patriotic Service
Van Varick Effie Ten Eyck New York Patriotic Service
Williams William Virginia Lieutenant